'Resonance' by Slowrun December 15 2015

After releasing Environments and Celestial Wolves last month we'd like to present Slowrun from Finland with ResonanceSlowrun started as solo project somewhere in 2010 to fulfill the need to create something different and meaningful. About two years later the project became a mission of two to paint atmospheric soundscapesof strong melancholy, joy and clarity. Slowrun presents a variety of sounds and musical styles that flow from instrumental rock to ambient sounds.

Resonance has a more dynamic sound and the songs are more diverse, still there is a presence of deep ambient soundscapes - carefully fitting these elements together they created seven tracks that all resonate changes in life and process of awakening (though not in a religious way). Resonance is a sequel to their debut album, a turning of pages - soundtrack to deep thoughts and memories.

Resonance is available on CD in The Stargazer Store. 


'Ascuns' by Environments is out! November 18 2015

Environments from Romania is making music since 2011. Ascuns is their fifth release but first one together with dunk!records.
Each song on the album is a slow dreamy soundscape where the listener can easily step into and wander around. Before you know you see yourself walking in some kind of weird experimental movie, not really knowing what's going on. Just sit back, relax and look into their strange but fascinating worlds.

Ascuns is now available on CD.

Also available since a few days: Huracan and Illuminine


Free shipping for €50+ orders! October 28 2015

Great news! From now on every order for more than €50 will be shipped for free. Worldwide!
Just because we love you.

We have plenty of nice dunk!releases and other great albums in our store to fill your cart.
For example Terraformer, Kokomo, Ilydaen, Pray For Sound, Astralia and 25 others.



Number 27, 28 and 29 is being pressed right now and will be released this November:

Celestial WolvesPost rock o' clock!
After releasing their first album Wood for WoodCelestial Wolves will also release their second full length together with dunk!records. Illusive Landscape of Expression will be released on CDand vinyl. Release party is planned on December 5th at Cirque Mistic, Aalst.

 Slowrun from Finland self-released Prologue in 2013 on CD. Their second album Resonance is ready to be released on CD this November. On dunk!records of course. They already released two songs from the upcoming album: Remember and Introspection. Be sure to check out their beautiful atmospheric, instrumental rocktunes.



Environments from Romania are releasing ambient / rhythm / noise records since 2011. For this one they themed up with dunk!records. Ascunwill be released on CD. Check out the beautiful song Sine from the upcoming album. It comes with a video! Also the title song Ascun is already waiting for you on their bandcamp. Headphones and some volume are recommended for their immersive experimental sounds.




New in stock: All We Expected + Raum Kingdom Split EP October 21 2015

All We Expected is an upcoming Belgian post-rock/post-metal band. Before this split EP they self-released their own 'Demo EP'. 
"Driven by intense emotions and raw energy, All We Expected brings forth a fierce mix of dark atmospheres, melodic basslines and pounding drums. Soothing, yet at the same time evoking a controlled feeling of rage, these youngsters put up a great live show and will leave no one untouched." 

Raum Kingdom from Dublin only started in 2013 and also for them this split EP is their second release. Post-metal, doom and sludge is what you can expect to hear from them.

New in stock: Jet Plane from Russia September 09 2015

Jet Plane is based in Bryansk, Russia. Bryansk is a city of industry with railway factories and power plants. It also has an important railway intersection. Imagine that kind of scenery when listening to their first full album called All The Static Stars. Listen to the dreams of the people living and working there or walking in the streets on their day off. If Bryansk was a movie this could be the soundtrack.

Loud To Sleep was released in October 2014. This one sounds a little bit more jazzy and in the meantime also heavier than their previous album All The Static Stars. Like that album also this one could be the soundtrack of a city with lots of factories and hard working people. The bagpipes are adding a whole new extra layer to this album that shows more dynamic, balance and variations than their previous work. This is Jet Plane on a whole other level. 

Both Loud To Sleep and the preceding All The Static Stars are available on CD in The Stargazer Store

Tripalium by Grand Détour available August 19 2015

The Stargazer Magazine issue 1 already told you about this release. It had a little bit delay (=understatement) but Tripalium by Grand Détour is finally available in our store. The second album of this French instrumental math-rock / post-rock / punk-rock band is a co-release of 30 labels from around the world. The result is some great music on clear 180g vinyl in a neat looking jacket and an insert with extra information about the release.

Updated payment options August 04 2015

Great news! From now on we can offer a whole new range of payment options. Until yesterday Paypal was your only chance to walk away with that awesome record. As a matter of speech of course, because you can't walk away from a webshop since it is not really a physical thing and we send the records to you. On the other hand that room full of boxes with records from all over the world is a pretty real thing here.

Anyway. Starting today, you can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Bancontact/Maestro, iDeal, even a good old fashioned bank deposit and of course Paypal is still there.


The Stargazer Magazine #1 July 29 2015

We're happy to have the first Stargazer Magazine in our webshop! This issue is #dnk15 special introducing all the bands on the line-up and containing interviews with Mono and Caspian. But also visitors and volunteers are featured.

Expect 65 beautifully designed pages on high quality paper with lots of pictures!

It's now available for only €5, worldwide shipping included.
Or get one for free with every order above €25 (shipping excl.) during the summer months.

New arrivals: sleepmakeswaves, 65daysofstatic, Ilydaen, Monophona,... May 20 2015

The store is growing slow but steady. This new batch includes some very nice new records. For example: Black On Black by Monophona, Maze by Ilydaen, Love of Cartography by sleepmakeswaves, Move on, make trails by Lost In The Riots,...

But we also restocked other albums by sleepmakeswaves, Ilydaen and Toundra and added some new bands such as Waking Aida, Solkyri, APOA, Dumbsaint, Meniscus and 65daysofstatic.

We'll make sure to add a lot more stuff very soon!


Kokomo • If Wolves grey vinyl SOLD OUT! April 07 2015

The very first dunk!release ever was If Wolves by Kokomo. The colored grey version of the LP is now sold out. We do have a few black copies left and the CD version is also still available.

The S/T release of Kokomo and Euryale (the cooperation project of Kokomo and Terraformer) is also available in our Stargazer Store.