Godspeed You! Black Emperor • F# A# ∞ [LP]


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F# A# ∞ by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on vinyl.
Different cover picture editions. Comes with a lot of nice extras.



This is an all-time classic. This is the reason why I am into post-rock. This album has been on repeat for hours and for days. The way it's telling a story with only music... They say this music was written for a movie that has never been made. Luckily, because the movie would be a disappointment in any case, compared to the strong storytelling force of the music. It is still one of the most dramatic albums I've ever heard and that in this minimal post-rock style. This album is a soundtrack that requires your full attention and it will immerse you into a story told by yourself with only these amazing tunes, a black and white cover photo and some voice samples as a guideline for your imaginary movie.
Bottom line: this album is highly recommended. It definitely can't be missing in your vinyl collection. This is post-rock history lesson #1.