Afterlife Kids • Morgengrauen [LP]


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Morgengrauen by Afterlife Kids on LP.

Repress: new color scheme (blue/black)


Born out of frustation or pure boredom Afterlife Kids will deliver you their own brew of angst laden 90's worshipping hardcore with a tip of good old mosh. no tough guy images, no rockstar shit, no fashion ... Just songs that they need to play. Coming from DIY bands such as Henry Fonda, eyedestroyed, jane hoe, call me betty, theory joe, a bit of braindead & the mustard chronicles, these 4 nerds know their shit and play it well. This reminds of the wave of brutal 90s bands from germany (loxiran , linsay , abyss , aclys , lebensreform,...) without being a copycat.

Andi - bass
Ben John - vocals
Paul - guitars
Nico - drums

Released on June 18, 2013 via vendetta / adagio 830.