Arms and Sleepers • Matador [CD]


Matador by Arms and Sleepers on CD.


On black vinyl - limited to 500 copies! All LPs also include a password to download mp3s of the tracks (at 320 kbps).

"Matador is an album studded with varying themes and textures. The synergy between a haunting sonic mix and delicate, ethereal lyrics yield an ambitious, precise whole. Maintaining consistent intensity and energy, the music and artwork both reflect the moodiness behind the concept of the album, which can be summarized as a reaction to the surroundings and circumstances Max and Mirza found themselves in throughout the past two years. Matador also finds the duo expanding on their sound, reaching for a new and fresh direction. Vocals are more prominent throughout the album than with previous releases, and the band ventures into new soundscapes, incorporating an expansive array of instruments. The result is a cinematic and hypnagogic mix of rusts, antique grays and olive greens which evoke an eerie nostalgia - memories of places you've never been and things you've never seen."
- Insound