Field Rotation • And Tomorrow I Will Sleep [LP]


And Tomorrow I Will Sleep by Field Rotation on LP



Finally available on vinyl! Thick covers, thick inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is black, limited to 200 pieces!

After the successful vinyl reissues of the first two releases (Acoustic Tales 2x12’’ and Regenzeit 10’’) of FIELD ROTATION via Denovali Records, the label decided to present the listeners AND TOMORROW I WILL SLEEP (previously also just released as a very limited cd edition) on vinyl as well.

“After countless nights of work for university suspending my circadian rhythm at last I decided to compose some pieces to set myself on sleeping mode.”

Field Rotation was founded 2008 by the electronic music composer and producer Christoph Berg in Kiel, Northern Germany. Experimenting with electronic and classical elements this project combines floating soundscapes with electroacoustic colours to create minimalistic soundtracks renouncing of visualisation but interacting with the listeners emotions and feelings. As a violinist and pianist Christoph combines the synthetic sound engineering with natural sounds to communicate his short acoustic tales and impressions.

“like a melancholic Max Richter – but just as beautiful as his music” (Jazzthetik)

"a stylistic flair rarely seen in today's over-populated musical landscape." (The Silent Ballet)

“unexpected, devastating, and timeless work." (The Muse In Music)

" of remarkable beauty and profoundness..." (Fluid Radio)