Maybeshewill • Fair Youth [LP]


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Fair Youth by Maybeshewill on 180g vinyl. Gatefold edition. Comes with CD.



Fair Youth is Maybeshewill's latest and for now also last album since they played their very last show in spring 2016.

It certainly follows the direction set by I Was Here For A Moment – the sound is polished to perfection, it’s heavy on the racing piano crescendos, the melodies are very pretty and electronics are coming through nicely. It was meant to be a positive album, one that would allow the band to offload the feelings of constant motion while on tour, the nostalgia, longing – and that certainly has been achieved. In terms of accessibility, this is most definitely the easiest Maybeshewill album to listen to. Matt Daly’s piano is very pleasing on the ears and Jamie Ward’s production took Maybeshewill on the heights of perfection sound-wise. James Collins on drums also comes through brilliantly and becomes the heartbeat of each song. — source