Monolithe • Epsilon Aurigae / Zeta Reticuli [3xLP]


Epsilon Aurigae (2015) and Zeta Reticuli (2016) by Monolithe on triple (180g) vinyl in a triple gatefold cover.



Monolithe from France released this wonderful package of 3 vinyls in a beautifully designed triple gatefold cover. It contains two albums: Epsilon Aurigae and Zeta Reticuli which results in six songs and every songs is exactly 15 minutes. So you'll have 90 minutes of excellent doom metal hitting your ears! Be sure to turn up the volume a little bit more than usual for this one.

Monolithe is around since 2001 and 'stood out from the mass since its early days'. They invite the listener into 'a world of beauty, horror and nothingness'. - source