Mosquito • The Age of the Image [CD]


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The Age of the Image by Mosquito on CD.


"The Age of the Image is already Mosquito’s fifth EP since their formation in 2008. I really was impressed by this Belgium rock duo’s previous EP ‘Gratitude of the Doleful’. Like I said before Mosquito has an experimental rock sound of their own inspired by stoner rock, sludge(metal) and indie rock.
‘The Age of the Image’ is another fine Mosquito EP that continues on the chosen path of stoner (and a bit psychedellic) inspired rock. So, no real surprises here, although I have the feeling that on this EP, Mosquito rocks even better then before. ‘The Age of the Image’ is another fine example off how less is more, it has a good (dormant) rock sound with some nice riffs and tempo changes. ‘The Age of the Image’ keeps you interested from the beginning to the end, it has an overall good vibe. Unfortunately it only has five songs on it.
This duo really needs to get some more attention. Hopefully the release of ‘the Age of the Image’ will help them to establish a higher position in the Belgium rock scene."