Olafur Arnalds • For Now I Am Winter [LP]


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For Now I Am Winter by Olafur Arnalds on vinyl.



Not since Brian Eno transitioned from glam rocker to ambient music pioneer has there been such a remarkable transformation: Suburban Reykjavík native Ólafur Arnalds went from drumming in Icelandic punk and metal bands to penning stunning electronic-infused neo-classical pieces. The multi-instrumentalist’s gateway experience was writing a pair of instrumental pieces for the German deathcore band Antigone; he’s since scored films and released EPs and albums. For Now I Am Winter contains his first vocal efforts, with singer/lyricist Arnór Dan collaborating on four songs. On “Sudden Throw,” pulsing piano is gently propelled by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra’s widescreen soundscape. Dan’s soaring, layered falsetto is bathed in minimalistic electro-rhythms on “Old Skin,” while “Carry Me Anew” closes with interstellar tranquility. — source