The Eye Of Time • Anti [LP]


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ANTI by The Eye Of Time on vinyl.
Comes in thick cover, 12 page booklet, 180g vinyl, download code.



"ANTI" is darker than anything Marc Euvrie has created so far. The process of writing and recording took him 3 years. Right from the beginning the album was meant to be the dark side of "Acoustic", trying to sincerely translate a realistic point of view of our time into music: Industrial, despair, horrific. Where “Acoustic” was promising a glimpse of hope, “ANTI” is confronting us with despair – pitch-black and constricting. A long cry in the darkest night, turning against the world, and baring all the frustration; seeing the end of everything, but being incapable of talking. The few lighter shades scattered over the record convey a melancholic reference to something that is already dead. A brief review, seeing the beautiful things we made, the potential of humanity, considering that an end has been reached. "ANTI" is finishing with a more peaceful song, minimalistic, as if we had accepted our fate. The whole record is construed around the title song "ANTI". 14 minutes of sweeping industrial music leading into an apocalyptic finish screaming out loud along punishing beats. The EYE OF TIME’s output was never supposed to be understood as resignation. There is no other option then showing society’s open wounds and bringing up the most painful subjects, as it seems there is a strong need to face the darkest things before your very ears to finally wake up. And Marc notes: “I try to drag the listeners into hell as deep as possible so that they don't have any choice but to be beaten to the ground and to jump back into light.” — denovali