The Ocean • Pelagial [2x10"]


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Pelagial by The Ocean on double 10" (tri-color) vinyl in gatefold cover.



The Ocean from Germany is one of my favorite bands from the last few years. This is the band that really got me into post-metal with vocals and everything. I was very happy that we were able to book them at dunk!festival2015 and that they are as convincing on stage as they are on CD or vinyl in this case.

The Ocean is formed around Robin Staps (who also runs Pelagic Records) and used to be The Ocean Collective. More than 30 members played in this Berlin based collective until it turned into a more stable line-up in 2009 when they recorded Heliocentric and Antropocentric.

Pelagial is a post-metal album with lots of variation and plenty of heavy and exciting stuff coming at you at a perfect pace. The album starts as the beginning of a fairy tale that slowly turns into a dark story like it mostly goes with fairy tales. There's also a lot of drama (in a good sense) in this entire album and plot twists occur a few times in every song which keeps it extremely interesting. It doesn't get boring for a second. Besides the complex story itself it's also a joy to listen to these musicians who master their instruments like the best.

Conclusion: this album is highly recommended!