Thou • Heathen [LP]


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Heathen by Thou on 2xLP.


Thou is one of the heaviest sludge bands that anyone has ever heard. But it must be noted that while Heathen is Thou's heaviest work to date, the album is also their most melodic and beautiful. They have channeled their songwriting capabilities into creating one of the most monumental metal albums in existence, weaving soft, melodic passages and prosaic, often ecstatic lyrics into the crawling, resplendently heavy riff-laden metal that they've been known for. And this is no mere collection of songs; this is a cohesive and ambitious record that, while centered, covers a variety of topics and emotions.

Mitch Wells - Bass
Andy Gibbs - Guitar
Matthew Thudium - Guitar
Bryan Funck - Vocals
Josh Nee - Drums

Released September 8, 2012.
Recorded in January 2013 in Algiers, Louisiana by James Whitten.
Mastered by Adam Tucker.