Toundra • I [LP]


Sold Out

I by Toundra on LP.
Released on Aloud Music.
Black 180g vinyl. Limited to 200 (numbered) copies.



Toundra is an instrumental rock band formed in Madrid in the summer of 2007. Formed at the beginning for Victor, Albert and William of Nacen de las Cenizas and Esteban of Ten Minute Man.

In November 2007, after several months of rehearsals, recorded two demos (Bajamar and Orbita) with Emilio Seismo in Seismo Studies. They sent that record to Alberto from Astoria Records and he offers editing by 7 ". Ultimately the issue wasn´t did because they prefer to do more songs and edit something larger.

In December 2007, Toundra recorded an EP that would be released as a 10 " in Astoria Records, but this time with Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Ictus, Adrift, Aathma, Another Kind of Death). In this 5 days, Toundra recorded Bajamar, High Tide, Orbit and Medusa. The Mastering has sent to Sweden to Peter in DeBetou (Dimmy Borgir, Dark Tranquility).

In January 2008 they put this records in myspace and received a very warm welcome. That same day, Red Chalk Records (Arindelle) offers editing a CD version of what had been recorded but adding two more tunes.

In February 2008 they entered to record again with Carlos Santos and the result is: Jauria and Tesalia. This is mastering again with Peter in DeBetou and in April 2008 goes on sale on CD and vinyl 12 "on the first throughout Toundra: Toundra (I).